Spiritually … A Special Appeal

Dr. J. C. Joiner

Dr. J. C. Joiner

January 21, 2018

Church Challenge: “Pleasing Our Great God In 2018”

53rd Missions Conference


This Wednesday through Sunday

(January 24-28)


Spiritually …  A Special Appeal


As Pastor of New Testament Baptist Church, I am committed to provide spiritual leadership to each of you!  In that capacity, this week will be our 53rd Missions Conference. Also in this role, I’ve been burdened that some in times past have not considered the Church’s annual Missions emphasis to be important enough to even ask God to enable them and theirs to be in every Conference service.

I am particularly concerned that parents who are devoted to their children’s involvement in education, entertainment, sports, and secular interests, yet, do not feel the urgency to have their children influenced by Missionaries – God’s choice servants. I observe parents forfeiting time, money, endeavoring to get their children to ball practice, drama rehearsal, music lessons, etc., ad infinitum, but are not committed to biblical growth when an opportunity as we have is available.  How extremely sad, because the long-term effects will be spiritually detrimental!

The Missions Conference days – January 24 thru January 28 – will make a difference in your family’s spiritual life and devotion.  With all the negative influences in this elitist, secular-humanistic culture, social media, and so-called “sports’ heroes,” why not turn off all electronic devices this Wednesday, Thursday, Friday evenings, Sunday morning, Sunday evening and enable you and the family to be inspired and challenged by some of the proven spiritually productive men and women in the world today? To name one, Dr. Dave Hardy, our Conference speaker, is among America’s foremost leaders in Bible preaching, teaching, and pastoring.

Surely, every member of NTBC needs to hear and to heed modern day “God’s heroes of the faith.”  We are privileged to have an apportioned number of the Lord’s gifted servants in our Church every year at this special time!  Take advantage of this Heaven-sent opportunity and I believe our Great God will abundantly consecrate your investment of time and effort.             

J. C. Joiner  

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