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The Two Covenants (Leviticus 2:12-13, Mark 9:49-50)

Kent YorkKent York, December 11, 2016
Part of the Gospel Message series, preached at a Sunday Evening service


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Leviticus 2:12-13

12As for the oblation of the firstfruits, ye shall offer them unto the LORD: but they shall not be burnt on the altar for a sweet savour. 13And every oblation of thy meat offering shalt thou season with salt; neither shalt thou suffer the salt of the covenant of thy God to be lacking from thy meat offering: with all thine offerings thou shalt offer salt. (KJV)

Mark 9:49-50

49For every one shall be salted with fire, and every sacrifice shall be salted with salt. 50Salt is good: but if the salt have lost his saltness, wherewith will ye season it? Have salt in yourselves, and have peace one with another. (KJV)

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