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RU searching for help?

Only The Truth (Christ) can make you free.

Reformers Unanimous is a Christ-centered addictions program that directs the addicted back to God’s support group-the local church. The RU ministry of New Testament Baptist Church meets weekly on Friday nights and for RU Sunday School Class on Sunday mornings. We have a complete line of ministry curriculum and Biblical training for educating students on how to live free from stubborn habits and addictions by developing a dynamic relationship with God and by yielding to God’s Spirit in all of life’s circumstances. Below is a list of meeting times in the Tucson area.

We started our chapter K0446 in 2006. Several of our original group are still here! Many have been made free! We have experienced, knowledgeable leaders who look forward to helping you.

Christ can free you from any addiction: alcohol, drugs, misuse of prescription drugs, gambling, pornography, sexual sins, food, cutting, smoking., etc. He can free you from the depression these cause and free you from hatred, bitterness, guilt, etc. Don’t put off getting the help you need. Call today! Free counselling!

We are also glad to work with the courts and probation for anyone in the criminal justice system or for those dealing with CPS. We may be able to help you have greater success with the court system for students who do the work and faithfully attend the meetings.

Call or write us at:
Reformers Unanimous
C/O New Testament Baptist Church
2855 N. Craycroft
Tucson, Arizona 85712

(520) 327-5938

Ron and Ann Cox

Director: Ron Cox
Phone: (520) 248-5216

Ann Cox (520) 245-5140

Check out the international WEB site:

Visit us weekly at:
New Testament Baptist Church
Friday Nights 7:00 PM to 9:15 PM
Sunday Mornings 9:30 AM to 10:15 AM

It's Personal Daily Journal

“It’s Personal” Daily Journal

Listen to an mp3 or watch a video that will teach you how to have a dynamic personal time with God.


Chains of Addiction

Salvation Presentation – Benjamin Burks

 Warning Signs of Relapse – Dr. George Crabb



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