Nursery Leaders: Jamie Frankland, Valerie Sabala

Our nursery is available during all services. The purpose of the nursery is to take care of babies so you, the parents, may enjoy the services. The nursery is located down a hallway just past the breeze way connected to the basketball court.

Special nursery workers sanitize the nursery every week and insure its cleanliness.

Nursery Contact Information

Jamie : 323-0066

Nursery Need
Looking for additional week-day cleaning help because of voluntary dedicated service to our babies, we undoubtedly have the cleanest nursery facilities of any church nursery anywhere! However, we could use more volunteers each week to lighten the heavy workload. If you could come in to assist this ministry, please call the church office for more information.

For Parents: A Pager System
As a convenience to our babies and their parents, we feature a pager system in the nurseries to alert parents during the auditorium services of any need or emergency. All parents with children in the nursery or toddlers have been given a numbered tag to identify each child. In the event a parent is needed, that child’s number will appear on the two visual pagers located on both sides of the front of the auditorium. If your assigned number appears, quietly go immediately to the nursery. (327.5938)

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