A Special Appeal

A Special Appeal to Each in Our Church Family,
    I  am pleading with you, as Pastor, to be in the service tomorrow night promptly at 7:00 PM (Wednesday). In my capacity of spiritual leadership, I am sure you know that I desire for you God’s special favor … always.
    For over one half century, the Missions Conference week has been a most essential time for us as God’s people, both collectively and individually.  In these confused times, we need the fresh breathe from God.
    Included with our Missionaries, will be the  main speaker in every service, Dr. Lou Baldwin, the founder and president of Conference On Evangelizing Black America (COEBA). Lou is without question, one of most outstanding Bible preachers in the world today.  My earnest prayer is you will hear this Man of God.

Dr. J. C. Joiner

Our God is so very good to us,

JC Joiner

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(John 3:16, love is patient)

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